Louth Livestock Market

Louth Livestock Market – does a flying trade

Louth Livestock Market – does a flying trade

The Success of Berrichon Prime Lambs

On Bank Holiday Monday, 6th May, Louth Livestock Market was buzzing with excitement as Berrichon Prime Lambs secured impressive sales. Farmers, traders, and enthusiasts gathered to see the quality livestock on display. Prime Lambs from Yarburgh Pedigrees, owned by Richard and Jade Bett, drew special attention with their weight range of 42-48 kilograms and fetched £198 per head. This remarkable result demonstrated the strong market demand for high-quality meat.

Why Berrichon Prime Lambs Stood Out

The Berrichon breed is famous for its quality meat, ease of care, and adaptability. Richard and Jade Bett have used selective breeding to highlight these traits in their flock. Their Yarburgh Pedigrees operation combines strong genetics with excellent care practices to produce exceptional lambs.

Market Dynamics and the Sale’s Importance

This sale wasn’t just about setting a new price benchmark. Instead, it highlighted the rising demand for ethically raised, premium-quality meat. The event showed how much consumers value locally sourced produce that meets high standards. The Bank Holiday Monday trade reflected the broader livestock market, where various breeds and producers came together to connect. Events like this strengthen the farming community by fostering a mix of competition and camaraderie.

What’s Next for Yarburgh Pedigrees?

After this successful sale, Richard and Jade Bett remain committed to raising top-quality Berrichon Prime Lambs. Their focus remains on producing excellent pedigree livestock that meets customer expectations.


The Bank Holiday Monday trade at the Louth Livestock Market will be remembered as a day when Berrichon Prime Lambs took center stage and set a new standard for quality. The impressive prices achieved by Yarburgh Pedigrees reaffirm the value of pedigree breeding and responsible farming practices. It’s a promising sign for the future of livestock markets and a testament to the enduring strength of local farming traditions.

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