Berrichon Champion - Worcester Early Choice Sale 2022

Yarburgh Wright hits it right at 2000 GNS

The early First Choice Sale of Berrichons at Worcester Market saw a top call of 2000gns for the Yearling Ram Yarburgh Wright from Mrs J Bett.
Berrichon Ewes

Berrichon Females at Worcester show & sale

I first came across the Berrichon breed when we needed a ram on short notice, and one was available to fill the slot. I liked the look of the lambs (good length and shape) that were produced from the mule ewes so from there the interest developed into a small number of pedigree ewes as a trial.
Royal Three Counties Show

Three Counties Show – Judges Profile

I believe the Berrichons are a very underrated breed with their ability for easy lambing, good get-up and go and ability to finish quickly. I look forward to judging at the Three Counties Show in June.

Royal Welsh Show – Judges Profile

From breeding and showing sheep from a very young, Ben has knowledge and experience beyond his years. He is a fourth-generation shepherd and runs Windrush Farm – a modern pedigree & commercial sheep breeding enterprise in the Cotswolds.
Royal Highland Show 2022

Royal Highland Show – Judges Profile

I have judged the Berrichons at Carlisle and a number of local agricultural shows and look forward to the honour of judging the Royal Highland Show 2022.
Farmers Weekly

UK food production to shrink as input inflation hits 24%

Double-digit cost inflation is hitting every single enterprise of British agriculture, casting doubt on the sector’s ability to maintain food supplies in the year ahead.
Louth Livestock Market - April 2022 - Berrichon Sheep

Louth Livestock Market Weekly Roundup

Berrichon Prime lambs topped the market at £153/ head – 326p/kg.
British Berrichon Sheep Society Photo Competition Winner March 2022
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